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Corporate Strategy

While maintaining the leading position in R&D, China Health Group provides full-range of pharmaceutical development services by integrating companies of R&D, manufacturing and sales/marketing through alliance and cooperation. Meanwhile,China Health Group actively exploits the oversea markets of R&D outsourcing service. With its breadth of capabilities, China Health Group provides comprehensive service to our clients with efficiency and simplicity of working with one company that meets various kinds of needs.  As a result we can bring high investment returns to our shareholders.

Key Strategic factors
¡¤ R&D leader       
China Health Group¡¯s core competency is focused at new drug R&D, with multidisciplinary expertise in new drug R&D driven by a force of over 300 international scientists. It also possesses an extensive network of international and domestic specialists in new drug development outsourcing, providing integrated pharmaceutical services that include new drug research, drug delivery, clinical research, product registration and marketing & sales.

¡¤Comprehensive Network of Full Pharmaceutical Services
China Health Group has established eight R&D centers.
¡¤Expedited Support of Capital Market
The smooth capital market channel enables China Health Group to integrate its leading R&D technology with capital market to create the synergized value for both technology and capital.