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About Us

CHG is a Hong Kong-listed company which is under the internet architecture. With the help of abundant clinical terminal resources, the group is expected to grasp the historical opportunity of health care reform and makes full use of Hong Kong¡¯s capital platform. There are four growth-driving platforms, with merger and medical management at the core.
1 The group will make full use of internet architecture and information technology£¨IT£©to build mobile health care and internet medical management platform.
2 The terminal of clinical medicine of research-type extension based on the clinical research. the group through 15 years of efforts, builds strong relationship with leaders and experts, especially for the six institutes of clinical research. In China, which is the one of biggest pharmaceutical sale market, the group provides extension service for new product launch and clinical research to expand the domestic market, which is based on the extensive clinical registries research.
3 Rehabilitation therapy industry platforms: with the quickened aging of population and facing the need of 200 million elderly for the medical tourism, the group will search for the land resource in famous tourist attractions, such as Hainan¡¢Xiamen and so on, to build the medical tourism.
4 Special features of hospital industry platform: the group has been developing featured treatment in the mental recovery¡¢anti-senile and anti-allergic therapy. We will integrate specialized hospitals into national chain hospital. We are planning to provide featured medical treatment for the fileds like CNS Psychotropic¡¢Anti-senile¡¢Respiratory¡¢Antiallergic¡¢CV Cardiovascular¡¢Diab Endocrinology and ONC Tumour.
Let the world cheers for the medical care
A fusion of world leading medical management and technology of internet medical to provide good medical service at reasonable prices for every ordinary Chinese.