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Party Secretary of Chongqing Met with President of China Health Group
Add time£º2016/5/16

The HongKong News Center of China Health Group

On 12th May, the member of the Communist Party¡¯s Politburo as well as Party Secretary of Chongqing, Mr. Sun Zheng-cai met with Mr. Guo Xia, President of the China Health Group and Vice-chairman of National Medicine Business Association, China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Secretary Sun briefly introduced the economic and social developments in Chongqing. He said, the development of medical industry has attracted great attention of the municipal government. In recent years, the industry revival plans has been introduced, the scale of the city's medical industry is keeping expanding, and there shows continuous enhancement of development level. City leaders Wen Jieming and Zhang Ming attended the meeting.

China Health Group: a corporate company which provides comprehensive medical terminal service under the internet architecture, extending from the clinical research, product promotion service, hospital management service, mobile telemedicine, special specialized medicine to comprehensive medicine services with rehabilitation therapy and medical tourism service. CHG will actively consider the specific medical and rehabilitation resources in Chongqing and the southwest region, and review the possibility to establish health related industries in such areas.

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