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China Health Group has stepped into the new stage of development
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The HongKong News Center of China Health Group
China Health Group held the quarterly board meeting on 10 May 2016, which announced that the first quarter revenue of 2016 for the Group had increased by 6.5 times compared with same period of last year. In the meeting, Mr. Su Yi had been appointed as non-executive director. The board of directors reaffirmed and ensured the transition of China Health Group to focusing on medical service area.
About China Health Group (CHG): It is a corporate company which provides comprehensive medical terminal service under the Internet architecture, extending from the clinical research, product promotion service, hospital management service, mobile telemedicine, special specialized medicine to comprehensive medicine services with rehabilitation therapy and medical tourism service.
On the clinical research and product promotion service: CHG would continue to utilize the advantages of clinical research to provide clinical research academic services to the domestic and international well-known enterprise, such as Fosun Group, Venturepharma and so on. Through the clinic researches of psychotropic drugs and promotion platform, Bai Min anti-allergy clinic researches and promotion platform, the VPS company within the Group has made an eight-year agreement with Fosun Group and another domestic pharmaceutical company.  The clinical research consistency evaluation center of the VPS has made great efforts to be ready for extraordinary business opportunities.
On hospital management service: the Group has achieved greater progress in Venturepharma Great Doctor, ¡°My Doctor 999¡±, Xi En Psychiatrist and so on.
On the field of special specialized medicine: the Group aggressively carries out the strategic arrangement which expands from mobile telemedicine to rehabilitation therapy and medical tourism service.

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