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Venturepharm-CNS attended the 7th CPA annual conference
Add time£º2015/4/27

On April 22, Venturepharm-CNS attended in the Chinese Psychiatrist Annual (CPA) 7th Conference. This conference is the annual meeting for all the psychiatrists together to discuss all the issues they are caring. In this conference, several multiple national companies (MNC) such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson, GSK and Lilly also participated. 
In this conference, all the experts discussed rigorously with the diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. China Health Group ¡¯s Bupropion¡¡Hydrochloride ¨C a drug to treat depression and bipolar disorder has been recognized as a novel and good therapeutic for these devastating disorders. Venturepharm¡ªCNS   also has been highly appreciated by the clinical experts and industrial peers and showed their collaborative desirability with Venturepharm¡ªCNS.
Venturepharm¡ªCNS was the first brand for neuropsychiatric drug R&D in Asia¡ªPacific area. It devoted in creating and establishing the most comprehensive neuropsychiatric product pipeline. Right now, it has products to treat depression, schizophrenia, insomnia and other indications.

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