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OCT Senior ManagementVisited China Health Group Asia Innovation Centre
Add time£º2015/4/27

Led by its CEO Mr. Ren Kelei, an investigation group of OCT Enterprises, a large enterprise under direct jurisdiction of the central government, visited China Health Group Asia Innovation Centre on Sep. 14, 2009, accompanied by Secretary of Taizhou Committee of the CPC, Mr. Zhang Lei, Director of CMC Administration Committee, Mr. He Rong, and Director of New Drug Innovation Centre, Mr. Qiao You Hua. Mr. Li Xilong, Manager of China Health Group  Asia Innovation Centre, introduced VPS Preclinical Center for Global Research£¨Asia One£©, Small Molecular Screening Platform and Global Analytical Centre. Mr. Ren Kelei spoke highly of the scale, equipment and talents of the Centre, and the model of CMC to attract investment and talents. The visit expanded China Health Group¡¯s influence in large state-owned enterprises.

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